Now tell me this doesn't sound terrific!

Thanks to American Express for sponsoring my writing today about small businesses.  American Express is presenting Small Business Saturday, a way to honor the local merchants who are the backbone of the economy, this Saturday, November 27.  They’re offering statement credits to people who shop at small businesses, advertising for small-business owners, and donations to Girls Inc. for “Likes” of the Small Business Saturday page on Facebook.  Join the celebration by clicking the “Like” button and then visiting the Facebook page to learn more about the program and read the terms and conditions that apply.

When I was contacted by The Clever Girls Collective with the opportunity to promote one of the small businesses in my city, I thought this was a great time to tell you a little bit about myself and the city I live in: Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Sure, to those from… well, from pretty much anywhere outside of Winnipeg, this city is viewed as an icebox, covered in snow and frost for several months of the year.
That part is true.
It’s cold here.
I won’t lie.

But we have The Cupcake Corner.
Seriously, cupcakes!
I shouldn’t need to add more.

This adorable little shop situated in beautiful Osborne Village, a bustling bohemian district filled with shopping, dining, and coffee shops, more than makes up for temperatures so cold that we can make it from one side of the city to the other by crossing over a frozen river for at least four months of the year.

And really, who doesn’t like cupcakes?
Icings in many different flavours with pretty colours.
And sprinkles!

Maybe you are reading this and thinking, ”Well, I don’t like cupcakes.”
You will like these.

In this adorable little shop can be found over 16 varieties of cupcakes baked fresh every day.

chocolate cake with banana icing…

 Image from

vanilla cake with peppermint icing…

Image from

chocolate cake with peanut butter icing… hello! Peanut butter icing!

Image from  

They even have a cookies and cream cupcake with an Oreo cookie baked into the bottom.
I’m not even going to post a picture of this cupcake because that would be considered mental cruelty.

Suffice it to say, The Cupcake Corner has something for every one.
And for this blogger, it’s a big shining ray of warmth for this freezing festive time of year!

I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

Click on the icon below to “like” Small Business Saturday on Facebook.

Small Business Saturday

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30 Responses to Now tell me this doesn't sound terrific!
  1. Julie
    November 24, 2010 | 9:55 am

    i've always wanted to go to winnipeg. no. seriously. i do. and now those cupcakes. gotta tell the hubby we are going on a road trip this summer!

  2. Bird Shit and Baby Caca
    November 24, 2010 | 10:16 am

    Winnipeg eh! Baby Ca makes kick ass cupcakes…you have just given her ideas for new flavors.

  3. Lady Fromage
    November 24, 2010 | 10:22 am

    O…M…G…. those look dee-lish!

  4. anSeL
    November 24, 2010 | 10:49 am

    hmmm,i love the one with banana icing! yummy!

  5. Diane
    November 24, 2010 | 10:53 am

    I do not like cold but these cupcakes do look like they'd make it a little easier to brace it. Yummy! :)

  6. DCHY
    November 24, 2010 | 11:24 am

    I always support small businesses. Forget about Wal-Mart or Best Buy or whatever chain stores. I also have this slice of heaven by the name of The Cupcake Factory in a town 20 minutes away. They do similar creations like you mentioned. Oh, the decadence! Worth gaining 5 pounds for. ;)

  7. kimert
    November 24, 2010 | 11:35 am

    Crap! I just gained 3 lbs just from looking at those pics. Mmmmm they look tasty!

  8. Bouncin' Barb
    November 24, 2010 | 11:44 am

    Chocolate and peanut butter icing. I think I would die if I ate it. That sounds amazing.

  9. Jessica
    November 24, 2010 | 11:52 am

    I'm going to have to make some of those now! Mine won't look as cute or taste as divine… but I won't be heading to Canada anytime this month.

  10. Oilfield Trash
    November 24, 2010 | 12:01 pm

    I love me some cupcakes.

  11. nitebyrd
    November 24, 2010 | 12:13 pm

    Cold and cupcakes, two of my favorite things! Too bad y'all are so far away. :(

  12. Booyah's Momma
    November 24, 2010 | 12:23 pm

    It's 8:30 in the morning, and I haven't had breakfast yet. Seriously, you do not know what you are doing to me with these pictures!

  13. Penny
    November 24, 2010 | 12:31 pm

    Great! Now I want cupcakes. You suck ;) lol!!

  14. karensomethingorother
    November 24, 2010 | 12:49 pm

    you had me at banana icing. Why isn't there any place fun like this in my town? Dang, maybe I have to be the next cupcake queen.

  15. SSW
    November 24, 2010 | 12:57 pm

    I love cupcakes! Yummy!!!! Congrats!

  16. Krissy
    November 24, 2010 | 1:59 pm

    The chocolate one with peanut butter icing was cruel enough for you to post! OMG that looks and sounds good.

  17. Pamela
    November 24, 2010 | 2:09 pm

    Aw, here I was trying to be good, eating my healthy tuna salad for lunch & I had to go & get an eyeful of those mouth-watering-making-me-want-to-pack-up-and-drive-to-Winnipeg-damn-cupcakes! teehee:)

  18. Sara @ Domestically Challenged
    November 24, 2010 | 2:36 pm

    all I can think about is cupcakes now!! YUM! I'll go support our local bakery!

  19. Mrs. Tuna
    November 24, 2010 | 2:42 pm

    Those darn peppermint cupcakes look like the bomb, but Winnipeg is a zillion miles from Phoenix! Please fed ex one to me right away so I can have for dessert tomorrow after turkey.

  20. Monkey Man
    November 24, 2010 | 3:08 pm

    You are just the ultimate pimpin' bee-otch today. AmEx, Malls, Small Biz and Cupcakes. I like my cupcakes dense and covered in frosting.

  21. ModernMom
    November 24, 2010 | 3:18 pm

    So great…now I want Cupcakes:)
    Great post !

  22. -stephanie-
    November 24, 2010 | 3:46 pm

    I'm drooling over the chocolate with banana icing. Oh wait, the vanilla with peppermint icing. Oh my, I need a visit to Winnipeg soon.

  23. Maggie S
    November 24, 2010 | 4:52 pm

    Wow! Just now read this. I am moving to your city. I thought cupcake corner was where that one gal leans in the passenger window of all the cars that get caught at the light.

    Turns out its about food.

  24. TheBabyMammaChronicles
    November 24, 2010 | 5:00 pm

    Mmm, I like cupcakes!

  25. Jennie @ Modern Mamaz
    November 24, 2010 | 5:23 pm

    You totally lost me at shopping and cupcakes. Now my knees are shaking.

  26. Julianna
    November 24, 2010 | 10:12 pm

    Yes, but do they have Gluten Free cupcakes?

    Don't feel bad. Most places don't (she says sadly and turns her face to hide the tears.)

  27. becca
    November 24, 2010 | 10:19 pm

    yummy cupcakes

  28. Jill
    November 24, 2010 | 11:18 pm

    MMM. Viva la Cupcake Corner!

  29. Myya
    November 27, 2010 | 7:43 pm

    Yay for sponsoring small businesses. We have a small business & it gets harder & harder every year to "get by". So when people acknowlege the need to sponsor them then it is sooo appreciated! :)

  30. Busy Working Mama
    November 28, 2010 | 8:54 pm

    We just got a shop called Cloud 9 near us that has fat free yet delicious (yes, it's true) frozen yogurt and also cupcakes made of really fatty goodness. I love it. Enjoy your wonderful shop :)

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