Simple Abundance…the first day…

So day 1 of the “Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy” journey begins. Looks like my journey may only take me as far as the end of the driveway.

Remember yesterday I was joking about finding the beauty in the rosebush? Well low and behold my mission for personal growth and authenticity today required me to find one perfect rosebud in my garden. Place it on my night table. And stare at it. 

Umm. No.

What about bugs?

I do get the message. Ms. Sarah Ban Breathnach is comparing our soul to a growing flower that needs nurturing. That’s lovely. But ain’t no bugs in my petals.

The theme for the entire month of June is about happiness and warmth, and about how the sun warms us, and we smile more, and we laugh more, and our hearts open.


June for me represents the beginning of two months of slavery. My kids are done school. They think they don’t need a bedtime. They think I’m a chauffeur. They think they can all have different meals. They think they can all have different meal times. They think they can leave their freezie wrappers everywhere. They think freezies can be their meals.

So for me, June represents the beginning of two months of me running around making sure the windows are all closed so the neighbours can’t hear me losing my mind. I prefer privacy for that. I also prefer when social services does not to show up at my door.  

But I did say I was going to give this a try. So in the spirit of personal growth, I stared at my bedspread. It has flowers on it. They’re kind of faded though, so that got me thinking that I could use a new bedspread. Actually my entire bedroom could use a makeover. So tomorrow I’m going to Linen and Things to find a new bedspread. And Home Depot to look at paint swatches.

Self-enlightenment is actually pretty easy. I’m a natural. Who said I was shallow and narcissistic? Don’t answer that please.

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