Day 2

After much much MUCH thought about this blog, I realized I needed more direction. I can’t just write about nothing. Or can I? Because I have so little time in the day, and mostly because I don’t really care what too many people have to say, I’ve never followed a blog before. So that’s the first thing on my list…after I write about me, myself, and I. Step 1: talk about me. Step 2: scope out other people’s blogs, and steal great ideas along the way…and maybe give credit to those whose great ideas I have stolen (but probably not. But it sounded good though, didn’t it. Don’t answer that, it was rhetorical.) Still not sure what direction I’m going to take, but I will start by saying a little about myself, and maybe this will guide the future of my very famous, very followed blog. Ok. So I’m 41, as you will have noted from my profile, as I’m sure you’ve already scoured it and are very informed about me. But just in case you forget a few minor details, here goes: I’m 41. I have four kids. I’m a nursing student. I’m in my third year. And I don’t particularly like it. I’m hoping that in the next year and a half I’ll find my passion for healing the sick, tending to the weak, and caring for total strangers who may or may not want me to. I love to write though, and in this the problem lies: writing is my passion, but writing does not pay the mortgage… Well, it could, I guess, if I were a novelist or a journalist, or a freelancer. But I’m not. I’ve never travelled down that route because, well…writing doesn’t pay the mortgage unless you’re a novelist, journalist, or a freelancer. And those that are fortunate enough to be one or all of those: I am totally jealous and bowing at your feet as I type this! So I’m the mother of four kids. Count ‘em: one two three four. They’re great. But I’m great too… thus the blog and its title. Actually, if I were someone reading this, I probably would have gotten bored by now, wondering what the point was. Well, there is no point. No. Not true. The point is me. I’m worth it. But I do have a wealth of knowledge to share, a thirst for new experiences, and a love of life. These past several months I’ve been preparing for a figure competition. It consumed me. My friends commented on my self-absorption. So I am trying to put my energy into something much more constructive…read new self-absorption. So here I am. Ready to take on your questions, concerns, comments, criticisms. So that’s all I got for today. And the reason I’m stopping here is because: 1. I don’t know how long blogs are supposed to be, and 2. I have a test tomorrow in my law and ethics class, and being the good little student nurse that I am, I haven’t even cracked the book yet. So maybe I’ll do that. And maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll scoot over to other blogs and see what this blogging is all about. And maybe by tomorrow I’ll have decided that I’m not cut out for this. Maybe it requires even more narcissism than I can muster (doubt it, though.)

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